Month: September 2022

Mix it Up Monday: Ginger Rosemary Mule

The Ginger Rosemary Mule is best served in a copper mug.

Alie and I go through periods when we crave mule cocktails. Whether we visit a local restaurant or whip one up at home, a mule is a quick and easy go-to drink.… Read the rest “Mix it Up Monday: Ginger Rosemary Mule”

Templeton Rye Caribbean Rum Cask: Review

Templeton Rye Caribbean Rum Cask by a decorative stone.
Templeton Rye Caribbean Rum Cask.

Over the summer, I wanted to make a Rye Tai whiskey cocktail but I didn’t have anything in my liquor cabinets that I thought would make a good base spirit. I headed to the liquor store in search of a rye whiskey, specifically one that was finished in rum casks.… Read the rest “Templeton Rye Caribbean Rum Cask: Review”

Mix It Up Monday: Rosemary Apocethary

Rosemary Apothecary cocktail in a rocks glass, garnished with a sprig of rosemary.
Rosemary Apothecary is ready to drink.

This week’s cocktail started with a question. What could I make with grapefruit bitters? I picked up the grapefruit bitters because we like to use grapefruit in a number of our cocktails. However, the subtle grapefruit bittering agent needs to be paired with a savory simple syrup, which is how we arrived at our Rosemary Apocethary whiskey cocktail.… Read the rest “Mix It Up Monday: Rosemary Apocethary”

Our Top 5 Whiskeys of Summer 2022

Over the past few months, we’ve been lucky enough to sample some really great whiskeys. It got us thinking about which ones were our favorite. However, it is tough to compare different styles available at different prices. In Our Top 5 Whiskeys of Summer 2022, you’ll find an allocated pick, a budget bottle, a beginner-friendly bottle, a blended whiskey, and a single malt.… Read the rest “Our Top 5 Whiskeys of Summer 2022”

Top 3 Summer Cocktails of 2022

The calendar says September, which means we only have a few precious weeks of summer left. We are always looking for ways to stretch summer as long as possible. This week, we decided to present our Top 3 Summer Cocktails of 2022.… Read the rest “Top 3 Summer Cocktails of 2022”

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