Top 5 Cocktail Crafting Essentials

When we aren’t out camping, we love hanging out with our friends and family. The summer months are best for us to host small gatherings and share some of our cocktail creations. Whether mixing cocktails for a large group or crafting one or two for your enjoyment, we’ve got you covered with our recommendations for the Top 5 Cocktail Crafting Essentials to help you take your cocktail crafting game to the next level.

Every great craftsman needs the right tools to perfect their craft. Making a cocktail is no different. We identified our favorite tools. When choosing, we always look for items that offer the best value. They often aren’t the most expensive tools. However, they will last for a long time. Here are our Top 5 Cocktail Crafting Essentials.

1. Shaker

A shaker is one of the most critical Cocktail Crafting Essentials every bartender needs at their home bar. Using a shaker helps blend the flavors and often creates a touch of foam that gives your cocktail creations a picture-worthy finish. If you are making drinks for more than one person, why stir when you can shake?

Our Pick
Cocktail Shaker

An affordable cocktail shaker.

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2. Jigger

Another Cocktail Crafting Essential is a simple jigger. Many of our cocktails have a lot of different ingredients, and the jigger makes it easy to measure them. Although I can sometimes throw together a fantastic cocktail by eyeballing it, most cocktails are precisely measured to ensure the perfect balance of all the flavors. I also like to use the jigger when I reach for the allocated bottles on my shelf. Measuring each pour ensures I can maximize my enjoyment of those hard-to-acquire bottles.

Our Pick
Simple Jigger

A simple jigger to precisely measure your cocktail ingredients.

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3. Muddler

Another cocktail crafting essential is a muddler. Whether trying to create a fruit smash cocktail, extracting the flavor from mint leaves, or crushing a sugar cube for a real old-fashioned, a muddler makes the job easier.

Our Pick

A muddler to crush herbs, spices, and fruit.

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4. Strainer

A strainer is another essential cocktail crafting tool to add to your home bar. Crushing herbs and fruit leaves pulp behind. The last thing you want is a pulpy and gritty cocktail. Using a strainer removes the larger particles, ensuring your cocktail is smooth and delicious. Check out the strainer kit below.

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Strainer Kit

A kit with all the strainers you need.

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5. A Stirrer

A simple stir is another cocktail crafting essential to add to your home bar. It makes it easy to mix up simple cocktails that don’t benefit from shaking. I often use mine for everything from high balls to old-fashioneds.

Our Pick
Cocktail Stirrer

A simple cocktail stir for your home bar.

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Closing Thoughts

Cocktail crafting is easy if you have the correct tools. Whether you are an aspiring home bartender or regularly make cocktails, add these essentials to your cocktail crafting kit to up your cocktail crafting game. If you are stocking a home bar for the first time or upgrading your setup, you may prefer to pick up this cocktail shaker set. It offers all the cocktail crafting essentials and even includes an organizer to ensure you don’t misplace your tools.

Once you have the tools you need, check out our amazing cocktail recipes here.

Happy Exploring!