Recently, I spent a warm weekend working on a couple of cocktail recipes. Since I didn’t want to use a nice bottle of Scotch for our newest cocktails, I set out to the liquor store to purchase a smokey whiskey that was relatively inexpensive. I ended up leaving the store with a bottle of Hinch Irish Whiskey.

I hadn’t heard about Hinch Irish Whiskey before. It was peated, which I needed for the cocktail I was making, and it was in my price range—about $30 for a bottle. After chatting with the store owner, I took a bottle home to try it.

The Hinch Peated Irish perfectly fit our All Ken’s Clothes Fit Me Cocktail. You can check out the recipe here.

About Hinch Irish Whiskey Distillery

Hinch Distillery is located in County Down, Northern Ireland. The Hinch Distillery Dream started in 2016 when entrepreneur Dr. Terry Cross founded Hinch Distillery. Hinch Distillery opened its doors officially in March 2021. Since Hinch Irish Whiskey is an upstart, it has been sourcing its Irish Whiskey for several years. However, 2024 should bring the first bottles of Hinch’s distilled expressions.

Hinch Peated Irish Whiskey Tasting Notes

Hinch Peated Irish Whiskey is a “heavily smoked” Whiskey bottled at 86 proof. According to the distillery, it has the aromas of oak, cinnamon, honey-roasted ham, and rock salts, which is an interesting description. On the palate, the tasting notes are peat, with a hint of fruit and licorice. You are warned that the first tastes might be like smoked nuts and barbeque meats. Whether that is a good or bad thing is debatable. The finish is described as “charred chili pepper and bonfire smoke.” Hinch gets bonus points in our book for one of the more unique tasting note descriptions we’ve seen from a distiller.

Our Tasting Notes

We noticed a touch of peat and the campfire aroma on the nose. Alie captured a whiff of sweet pome fruit, similar to the note she gets from many Irish Whiskey. The scent is inviting and makes you look forward to the first sip.

On the palate, we picked up a touch of pome fruit that quickly gave way to spicy pepper heat. The heat comes fast and hot and washes out most other flavors. Left behind is a spicy heat with a touch of campfire. On the upside, despite the peat, I didn’t pick up any of the rubber band-aid taste I’ve come to expect from heavily peated whiskey. Dare I say I enjoyed the peated smoke from the Hinch Irish Whiskey?

A few drops of water will take away some of the spice but also water the smokiness. We prefer this one neat.

Our Ratings

Personal Preference: 3.6

It’s soft and citrusy and has a lot of depth for an Irish Whiskey.

Drinkability: 4

It is an excellent whiskey, neat or mixed in a cocktail—just a touch of smoke.

Finish Intensity: 3.5

It is a little spicy on the first few sips, but it levels out as you drink.

Beginner Friendly: 3.7

Hinch Peated Irish would be an excellent bottle to introduce someone to peated whiskey.

Availability: 4

I’ve seen it in most liquor stores in my local area for a reasonable price.

Overall: 3.9

It is one of my new favorites on my shelf!

Closing Thoughts

Hinch Peated Irish Whiskey was one of those bottles we picked up to fit a need. We figured it would be a decent cocktail mixer and were pleasantly surprised that Hinch Irish Whiskey is among the best Irish whiskeys we’ve tried. Despite being heavily peated, Hinch Irish Whiskey has a pleasant smokiness without the bandaid taste I often pick up in peated whiskey.

I’ve seen Hinch Irish Whiskey in most liquor stores nearby, so it appears to be pretty widely available, at least in Colorado. The best part is that this bottle retails for around $35, so it doesn’t break the bank to add it to your shelf. You won’t be disappointed if you sip it neat or use it for distinct cocktails.

Happy Exploring!