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Our Favorite New Whiskies 2023

The Wilderness Whiskey Women with Jon at Eimverk Distillery in Iceland.
The Wilderness Whiskey Women With Jon at Eimverk Distillery.

Every whiskey drinker has their go-to bottle. For us, it’s been Evan Williams Bottled-in-Bond pretty much exclusively for the past several years. However, that doesn’t stop us from trying new whiskies. One does not have to look far to find a new name, an upstart, a new distillery, or maybe something we’ve overlooked on the shelf.… Read the rest “Our Favorite New Whiskies 2023”

Old Overholt 114: Review

Old Overholt 114 on the bar.
Old Overholt on the bar at home.

A few weeks ago, Alie and I dropped into a local liquor store in Washington, D.C.. We picked up a couple of options to enjoy in our hotel while visiting the area. I wanted to try something that I don’t typically find on the shelf at home.… Read the rest “Old Overholt 114: Review”

Brush Creek Railroad Rye: Review

The box, bottle, and a pour of Brush Creek Railroad Rye.
A pour of Brush Creek Railroad Rye.

It has been a whirlwind month since I last sat down to write a formal review. In that time, we packed up our entire life in our old home and moved to a new place.… Read the rest “Brush Creek Railroad Rye: Review”

Russell’s Reserve 6-Year Rye Whiskey: Review

Russell's Reserve 6-Year Rye Whiskey next to a dram.
Russel’s Reserve 6-year Rye on our 2nd pour.

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, we snagged a bottle of Wild Turkey to enjoy over the break. It is always a fun choice when I want to mix up what I’m drinking. Wild Turkey is always better than I remember, so it inspired up to pick up a couple of bottles of Russell’s Reserve.… Read the rest “Russell’s Reserve 6-Year Rye Whiskey: Review”

Laws San Luis Valley Rye: Review

Laws San Luis Valley Rye with Mt. Princeton in the background.

One of the most exciting parts of the craft whiskey boom is that a number of great distilleries have opened in Colorado over the past several years. One such distillery is Laws Whiskey House, based in Denver, Colorado.… Read the rest “Laws San Luis Valley Rye: Review”

Templeton Rye Caribbean Rum Cask: Review

Templeton Rye Caribbean Rum Cask by a decorative stone.
Templeton Rye Caribbean Rum Cask.

Over the summer, I wanted to make a Rye Tai whiskey cocktail but I didn’t have anything in my liquor cabinets that I thought would make a good base spirit. I headed to the liquor store in search of a rye whiskey, specifically one that was finished in rum casks.… Read the rest “Templeton Rye Caribbean Rum Cask: Review”

Warrior Whiskey: Review

Bottle of Warrior Whiskey on a snow covered table
Warrior Whiskey, lightly chilled.

Steamboat Whiskey Company Warrior Whiskey

One of our favorite places to visit in Colorado is Steamboat Springs. It is an area we try to visit annually. Like many Colorado mountain towns, it offers a little bit of every type of adventure.… Read the rest “Warrior Whiskey: Review”

Rittenhouse Rye: Review

Rittenhouse Bottled-in-Bond Straight Rye Whisky

Rittenhouse Rye is a whiskey I had seen popping up on my social media feed. Much like Blue Note infiltrated my feed earlier this year, Rittenhouse Rye has been the whiskey of the moment in the virtual space.… Read the rest “Rittenhouse Rye: Review”

High West Double Rye: Review

High West Double Rye

Our first experience with High West Distillery was in 2019 when Alie and I traveled to Park City, Utah for Spring Break. The goal of our trip was to connect with friends and ride the slopes, but we found an extra treat along the way.… Read the rest “High West Double Rye: Review”

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