Month: October 2022

Mix it Up Monday: Maple Whiskey Sour

Maple Whiskey Sour with a slice of lemon.

Recently, we’ve been getting our house ready to sell. As part of the process, I started cleaning the fridge and discovered that Alie had recently purchased a bag of lemons. Rather than making lemonade, we decided to make a Maple Whiskey Sour.… Read the rest “Mix it Up Monday: Maple Whiskey Sour”

Kirkland Bottled-in-Bond: Review

Kirkland Bottled-in-Bond whiskey with a view of the mountains.

There are few things I enjoy more than a budget bottle of whiskey. I’m constantly looking for bottles of whiskey that run $30 or less out the door. Alie and I are known to partake in a nightly pour or two, so we drink our whiskey relatively quickly.… Read the rest “Kirkland Bottled-in-Bond: Review”

Mix It Up Monday: Bitter Firewater

Bitter Firewater with a lemon twist garnish.
Bitter Firewater garnished with lemon rind.

From time to time, I’ll scour the web for new recipe ideas. I try to find unique cocktail combinations that I can modify to work with whiskey or suit our tastes. This week, it resulted in us creating the Bitter Firewater Cocktail.… Read the rest “Mix It Up Monday: Bitter Firewater”

Huling Station Very Small Batch: Review

Life comes at you fast. Sometimes whiskey makes you forget.

The support we’ve received from our friends and family since we started our whiskey journey has been amazing. I often received a bottle of something for my birthday or around the holidays, which I always enjoy.… Read the rest “Huling Station Very Small Batch: Review”

Mix It Up Monday: Falling Apple

Falling Apple cocktail while enjoying football.

Fall is in the air, so we’ve been working on more autumnal-themed cocktails. One of my favorite autumn beverages is apple cider. After picking up a spiced apple cider from the store, we knew we wanted to feature it in a cocktail.… Read the rest “Mix It Up Monday: Falling Apple”

Old Elk Wheated Bourbon: Review

Old Elk Wheated Bourbon on grass surrounded by orange lights.
Old Elk Wheated before we opened it on our anniversay.

I have a soft spot for Colorado whiskeys. It doesn’t matter how long they have been around or whether the product is sourced from elsewhere. If it is a Colorado brand, I’ll probably grab a bottle to sip while camping, wearing an Aksels Colorado shirt and hat.… Read the rest “Old Elk Wheated Bourbon: Review”

Mix It Up Monday: Maple Pecan Smoked Old Fashioned

Maple Pecan Smoked Old Fashioned next to a butane torch.
Maple Pecan Old Fashioned after a smoke infusion.

Our 5-year anniversary just passed a couple of weeks ago. The theme for a 5-year anniversary present is wood. The gift I received was a cocktail smoker kit. I finally got a chance to try it out this past week.… Read the rest “Mix It Up Monday: Maple Pecan Smoked Old Fashioned”

Buffalo Trace Bourbon: Review

Buffalo Trace in our garden bed.

People are irrational actors. We don’t always make rational choices and we are often driven by emotion. For example, you don’t have to look much farther than toilet paper hoarding which was common in the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic.… Read the rest “Buffalo Trace Bourbon: Review”

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