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Hinch Irish Whiskey: Review

Recently, I spent a warm weekend working on a couple of cocktail recipes. Since I didn’t want to use a nice bottle of Scotch for our newest cocktails, I set out to the liquor store to purchase a smokey whiskey that was relatively inexpensive.… Read the rest “Hinch Irish Whiskey: Review”

Whiskey Del Bac Frontera: Review

One of our favorite distillers is Whiskey Del Bac. Located in Tucson, Arizona, Whiskey Del Bac has established itself as one of the best single malt makers in the US. Don’t just take our word for it. Whiskey Advocate gave Dorado, a mesquite-smoked single malt, a score of 90.… Read the rest “Whiskey Del Bac Frontera: Review”

McConnell’s Irish Whiskey: Review

McConnell's Irish Whiskey bottle and pours in rocks glasses

It’s St. Patrick’s Day, and fittingly, I’m sitting in the den drafting a review for McConnell’s Irish Whiskey. It is early morning, and I’m the only one in our house moving, minus Moose and the dog we are watching. It will be several hours before I pour out McConnell’s Irish Whiskey drams and sit with Alie in our parlor room or in front of a fire on the porch to record our thoughts.… Read the rest “McConnell’s Irish Whiskey: Review”

Bushmills Prohibition Recipe: Review

Bushmills Prohibition Recipe Bottle with 2 rocks glasses.

Here at Wilderness Whiskey Women, we aren’t the ones to hop on new and noteworthy release bandwagons. I rarely run out to try and buy the latest whiskeys. Others tell us they can’t wait to see what all the buzz is about when a limited-release or new celebrity whiskey hits the market and don’t understand why we wait around to see.… Read the rest “Bushmills Prohibition Recipe: Review”

Whiskey Del Bac Dorado: Review

A couple drams of Whiskey Del Bac Dorado before our review.

American single malts are a whiskey expression that has been gaining popularity for some time, and with good reason. For many, you think of single malt, and you likely pictured a smokey Scotch. However, Scotch isn’t subtle, and many have a funk that is off-putting for drinkers.… Read the rest “Whiskey Del Bac Dorado: Review”

World Whiskey Awards 2024

On February 8th, 2024, the World Whiskey Awards announced their American Whiskey Awards. The list includes a mix of well-known distilleries and a few you wouldn’t expect. What surprised us most was that a few Colorado distilleries popped up on the list.… Read the rest “World Whiskey Awards 2024”

Best Brands of 2023

Stock Bar Photo from Pexels. Find your next favorite bottle. Best Brands of 2023

Whiskey Enthusiasts are always looking for the next great bottle of whiskey. We want to find a delicious bottle that is easy to find and doesn’t break the bank. The decision can be overwhelming with the dozens of upstart whiskey brands sourcing their product from a handful of the same distilleries to whatever new celebrity-branded whiskey hitting the market.… Read the rest “Best Brands of 2023”

Cherry Bounce Comparison

Bottle of Cherry Bounce from the Cherry Bounce Comparison
Our last bottle of 2022 Cherry Bounce with pours of the 2023 Cherry Bounce.

Recently, we encountered a winter polar plunge, but not the one where you jump into ice-cold water. Instead, we received a blast of cold, arctic air across the Rocky Mountains, bringing sub-zero temps and dangerous windchill to our region.… Read the rest “Cherry Bounce Comparison”

Single Malt Sample Session

Bottles of Komagatake, Oban, Lagavulin on the bar.
We tried three whiskies during our Single Malt Sample Session.

Recently, Alie and I decided to partake in a single malt sample session. We decided to take three single malt whiskeys in our bar and pour ourselves a sample. The three single malts we chose are wildly different from one another, but it helped me appreciate the differences between each expression.… Read the rest “Single Malt Sample Session”

Our Favorite New Whiskies 2023

The Wilderness Whiskey Women with Jon at Eimverk Distillery in Iceland.
The Wilderness Whiskey Women With Jon at Eimverk Distillery.

Every whiskey drinker has their go-to bottle. For us, it’s been Evan Williams Bottled-in-Bond pretty much exclusively for the past several years. However, that doesn’t stop us from trying new whiskies. One does not have to look far to find a new name, an upstart, a new distillery, or maybe something we’ve overlooked on the shelf.… Read the rest “Our Favorite New Whiskies 2023”

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