Month: February 2023

Mix It Up Monday: Purple Mint Majesty

Purple Mint Majesty cocktail in a rocks glass garnished with mint.

It can be hard to get up and get moving in the morning. It is even harder during the late winter months. One thing that gets me up in the morning, other than the pesky “work” responsibility, is the chance to see the alpenglow on Pike’s Peak.… Read the rest “Mix It Up Monday: Purple Mint Majesty”

Old Overholt 114: Review

Old Overholt 114 on the bar.
Old Overholt on the bar at home.

A few weeks ago, Alie and I dropped into a local liquor store in Washington, D.C.. We picked up a couple of options to enjoy in our hotel while visiting the area. I wanted to try something that I don’t typically find on the shelf at home.… Read the rest “Old Overholt 114: Review”

Mix It Up Monday: Mind Eraser

Mind Eraser cocktail in a rocks glass. Next to a copper mug and shaker.
Mind Eraser cocktail, sans ice.

Absinthe is a spirit that invokes a lot of myths. Although it was a popular spirit in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, absinthe would be banned in most nations by 1915. The greatly exaggerated rumors that absinthe caused people to hallucinate led to the banning of the spirit.… Read the rest “Mix It Up Monday: Mind Eraser”

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